Organizing a party or a function is a very tough task. To make this easier, Elite Interactive Events is offering you a helping hand by providing our finest and top-quality service of rentals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The real glamour found in a family function is the smiles of our little ones. To bring these beautiful smiles on the faces of kids we are offering many facilities. In a function or any sort of event, contacting trustable rental providers is very important; therefore, trusting our company will surely not disappoint you.

To add up some fascination for kids in your functions we are providing different varieties of bouncies.

A few Bouncies offered at ei-events

Dora Bouncy

Dora being the most famous cartoon character is loved by a lot of people. We have a Dora bouncy made with top-quality material that is durable and inflatable. A lot of girls are attracted to this bouncy.

Dragon Bouncy

Bouncies that are themed on basis of some renowned movie or cartoons is loved by many kids. A bouncy is the most famous item amongst children and if it is of their favorite movie or cartoon, it becomes even more fascinating. Dragon bouncy is also an example of this.

Dunes Bouncy

A simple bouncy might not attract kids as much as a complex bouncy would do. Dunes bouncy is one of kind having a complicated map that spices up bouncy experience for kids.

Island Bouncy

Our island bouncy is here to give an experience of the island. The bouncy is designed in such a way that is has all the extras attached to it, which gives the feeling of being on an island. Such kind of variety is offered by us and that also in premium quality ensuring our customer’s wonderful experience.

Spider-man Bouncy

While following themes how can we skip on the spider man theme. Spiderman is an international superhero and having a bouncy made on Spiderman theme is loved by everyone. While arranging themed parties, our spider-man bouncy can also be kept under consideration.

The Radical Run

This bouncy is designed in such a way that it is having a lot of hurdles and it is not boring at all. This unique bouncy is made with a highly reliable material. There is a certain weight limit for entering this bouncy that makes it available for people of all ages.

Soft Mountain

This type of bouncy is a little different from the other bouncies. It is having a mountainous structure that is a major attraction for kids. It is not the usual bouncy that is seen everywhere. It is a special type which is offered for your special events.

Rainbow Bouncy

A bouncy that is made using a mixture of bright colors is always a hub of attraction for almost everyone. Rainbow colors are known as happy colors are used in this bouncy which makes it unique and attractive.

Why choose us?

Elite Interactive Events is not here to give you false hopes and make promises that we can’t fulfill. We are providing a reliable and efficient rental service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all Emirates. Our premium quality equipment will surely add fascination and a good environment for your events. Our price ranges are also low and we offer packages for our clients as well.

Visit our office or contact us to get further details.