Giant Games Rental UAE

Take your next party, event, or gathering to a higher level with Elite Interactive Events’ giant games rental UAE. We provide numerous inflatable options to rent. Moreover, our giant games rental Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE are known for timely delivery and the highest quality.

Get in touch with us to book inflatable options for your birthday parties, corporate events, annual parties, and other occasions. Check out the numerous inflatable options that we have for you.

Giant Games Rental Dubai, UAE

Giant games are often the classical board games but very bigger than the ones we usually come across with. It caters to guests of all ages, levels, and interests. Elite Interactive Events brings you services of giant games rental Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE.

  • Giant Basket Ball: We have taken the teen-hood popular game and have moved it to the next level. Nobody would refuse to play this football and bring back the child in them.
  • Giant Chess: This is the huge variant of the classical game that we all know and enjoy. This is amazing for people who like to play board games. It is also easy to teach the younger ones about strategies.
  • Giant Connect 4: This classical game is always welcomed. Play it indoor or outdoor according to your mood.
  • Giant Foot Dart: This giant dartboard is a great combo of soccer and shooting darts. You can play individually, compete with other teams, or play one-on-one.
  • Giant Jenga: Jenga is fun when everyone is competitive. We have taken the classical game Jenga and have made it giant. You can keep it indoor or outdoor according to your preference.
  • Giant Tug of War: This is one of our latest and most booked giant inflatable. Tug of war never fails to bring out the competitiveness in you. Moreover, it is also one of the most preferred team building activities.
  • Giant Twister: So many people can participate simultaneously in this big Twister game. The huge inflatable base of this inflatable makes it extra adventurous and competitive. Who doesn’t want to show their talent in front of others?
  • Mini Golf: This is one of the innovative and adventurous inflatable options we have. This is beneficial if you want to teach your younger ones the proper golf or want them to have a sense of competitive games.
  • Basket Ball: This inflatable proves to be an event changer. It adds life to the events and can be played in teams too. Your fellow mates can compete and win prizes at parties through this activity of giant game rental Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  • Crazy Maze: This crazy maze is liked by many. It can be played by even those who don’t like or cannot run and play other games that require more energy.
  • Giant Dart: It can be played by any person, whether overweight or low in strength.
  • Giant Dominoes: This can be a great addition to your outdoor fun collection for both kids and adults.
  • Giant Ring Toss: It is very easy for the kids to succeed with this giant game and have fun. You can book this giant game rental Abu Dhabi and Dubai any day.
  • Giant Snake & Ladder: It can be a great garden fun and is very competitive for attendees.