Soapy Soccer Dubai

Soapy Soccer Dubai

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Best Soapy Soccer Rentals Dubai

Organizing a party is a cool idea but having a soapy soccer game at that party is a fresh and amusingly entertaining decision. The game is real fun, not only for the players but also for the spectators. When this slippery event of soapy soccer comes to an end, the team players and the onlookers have a lot of hilarious and funny slips to share and be entertained.
Are you planning such a watery and soapy game for team building or any social event? Try Elite Interactive Events for soapy soccer rentals in Dubai, as we ensure that you will always cherish the soap and water-filled game of soccer organized by us. This game will give you all the feelings of amusement, pleasure, and challenge at the same time.

Our Package can be Set up within 15 minutes!

We assure you that setting up our equipment for soapy soccer takes almost no time. This is the main reason why we are rated among the top rental companies for soapy soccer. Our package comes in a single part, so it is really convenient to transport. Along with the football arena, we also provide anchors, a blower, and a manual; that is everything you need for a fun-filled experience is delivered.

We have the Best Equipment!

Our soapy soccer has been designed and fabricated by the international safety guidelines. The quality of our equipment complies with the quality level of European countries and the USA. We use high-quality PVC for the manufacture of our soapy arena, which makes them very strong and super easy to clean. We enhance the strength of the seams by stitching those at each junction 2 or 3 times so that the bouncer area and the seams are protected. It also makes the bouncer more long-lasting and secure. We also provide strong D anchor points so that the equipment is steadily fixed to the ground.

Soapy Soccer is also for Kids!

If it is your child’s birthday, order a cake, have some fun, and dinner; isn’t it too conventional? Have a soapy soccer party planned for your child’s birthday, and give them the most memorable day of their life.

Why Choose Us?

Elite Interactive Events is always striving hard to plan your parties and events in an innovative way. And we organize soapy soccer in a way that is attractive for people of all ages. Not only for birthday or Christmas parties, or events of team building, soapy soccer can also be organized for a friend’s wedding and we are the specialists in this genre. Before starting the rituals, let the bride and the groom have some fun and enjoy their day with soapy soccer and let all the tension go away.
If you are fun-loving and venturesome, we are here to provide you thrilling and memorable events with soapy soccer rentals.

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